He Is Risen Indeed.

Easter is always a special time for the Christian, our faith is a resurrection faith.  With Christ’s well documented resurrection believers can be secure in eternal, life with Christ.

(1 Cor. 15:22 )  “For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ all be made alive.”

The Easter celebration was conducted at the new property and included the Alex Waits family, Linda, with the Mama Tara’s family of nearly 40 children along with a couple of mission teams visiting Mama Tara’s from North Carolina and Mississippi.  One gentleman from the North Carolina team preached the good news of the resurrected Christ with scripture readings, we then joined in communion, and were led in worship by Alex and Laura’s oldest son Aden, followed by several baptisms out in the lagoon, including Alex and Laura’s middle son Adam, ending with lots of swimming and lots of fresh, sweet Honduran watermelon.  I only wish I would have taken more pics as I was videoing it all on my GoPro.  Again just another confirmation of God’s presence here with us, glory be to God. Amen.  What an amazing way to christen this place of refuge for the boy’s to come.

Saturday night I had another amazing experience as Alex and Laura extended an invitation to join them for a family meal that they had prepared together.  Son Aden, was the pizza maker, Dad Alex, kneaded the dough, Mom Laura, made a salad and cookies, youngest son Arron, cleared the table and the most adorable KumiJoy, wiped the table down. We shared in much fellowship with Alex and Laura, and enjoyed the kids very much.  They made me feel right at home.  They are missed already.

   Saturday was the last day worked at the property as we did not work on “Good Friday”.  Kind of seems strange to refer to it as “good” while “we” were at our worse, but I understand how it was good for us, nonetheless kinda weird to me.

Saturday was exciting as I got to see the first concrete post uncovered, very similar to unwrapping a Christmas gift. We were able to disassemble and reassemble all four forms, pour three of the forms with concrete and digging of two more holes.  Making a total of seven completed posts in five days.  Tomorrow will be my last day working the project and am looking to pour the remaining empty form, make two more rebar skeletons putting them in place by pouring the two footings.


Thank you Lord, for saving me…..

4 thoughts on “He Is Risen Indeed.

  1. We were from Bethel United Methodist church in Midland, NC. Thank you so very much for allowing us to have our Easter service there, we severed the kids their first communion as well. You could feel the presence of the Lord there. I was privileged to be baptised there as well. I know the good works that God has begun in you will continue and flourish there! Thanks again for sharing! Ginia

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  2. I am so inspired Mike. I am so happy that you made progress and all went well. Sending prayers for safe travels home. I love you so much and am anxious to hear more about your trip. God Bless!


  3. We thought about you this weekend and are so glad things are going well with you. It was wonderful having Lisa here for Don’s Baptism, Confirmation, and First Holy Communion. Watching Don’s faith grow has been beyond words for me. God is wonderful. The service Saturday night was beautiful. Have a safe trip home. We love you.


  4. You have been diligent, one foot in front of the other by the grace of God! All over the world people just like us praising Him in what we are doing may it be a pleasing sight to Him I’m reminded of 2 pillars Jachin and Boaz (in his counsel and in His strength) amen


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